ALLAI co-founder Aimee van Wynsberghe receives L’Oreal-Unesco grant

Author: Catelijne Muller

During a festive ceremony in the Royal Holland Society of Sciences, ALLAI co-founder Aimee Van Wynsberghe received the prestigious L’Oreal-Unesco “For Women in Science” grant.


This gives her the opportunity to work on their research at the NIAS in Amsterdam. The scholarships are an initiative of L’Oréal Nederland and the Dutch Unesco Commission, together with partners from the program, the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study (NIAS) and the National Network of Female Professors.

Aimee Van Wynsberghe (1981) has the mission to put the ethical and responsible development, use and maintenance of robots and artificial intelligence on the agenda. Robots are increasingly becoming part of our daily lives; we come into contact with them but also increasingly cooperate with them. Van Wynsberghe examines the importance of mapping social and ethical characteristics in these new developments. Van Wynsberghe’s research concentrates on the ethical meaning of human-robot contact.

For Women in Science

The international program For Women in Science is a collaboration between L’Oréal and Unesco, with the motto “The world needs science, science needs women”. The program has existed since 1998 and awards prizes and scholarships to exceptional female scientists in the field of life sciences.