ALLAI hosts discussions around AI-Fairness at LAB42

ALLAI had the pleasure of hosting an international consortium of researchers, companies and societal organisations that work together in the AEQUITAS project. An EU-funded project around AI-fairness.

Fairness in AI has multiple dimensions: technological, ethical, legal, social, political, cultural, etc. By exchanging and merging the expertise on all these dimensions (socio-technical approach) we aim to develop better ways to identify, diagnose, assess and repair unfairness in AI and develop an ‘AI-Fairness-by-Design’ methodology.

ALLAI is responsible for the overarching work on addressing the ethical, legal and social notions of AI-Fairness and building the bridge towards the technical community.

You can find more information at AEQUITAS launch page.

AEQUITAS Partners:

Umeå University Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna ITI Philips Adecco Universidad de La Laguna AOUBO Eurocadres Period Think Tank Arcigay University College Cork Associacion Rayuela Universidad Politecnica Valencia ALLAI