ALLAI joins Council of Europe’s CAHAI as Observer

By unanimous vote of the Heads of Delegations of the Member States, ALLAI was accepted as Observer to the CAHAI, the Council of Europe’s Ad-hoc Committee on AI.

What is the CAHAI?

The CAHAI is the ad-hoc committee on Artificial Intelligence of the Council of Europe*. The Committee is tasked with examining the feasibility of a legally binding instrument on AI and developing such an instrument, based on the Council of Europe’s standards on human rights, democracy and the rule of law.

From ethics to human rights

Where the ethics of AI were at the center of the debate in 2018 and 2019, the impact of AI on human rights, democracy and the rule of law started receiving the attention it deserves in 2020. “AI impacts virtually all human rights, ranging from privacy to non-discrimination and from freedom speech to freedom of demonstration.” says ALLAI President Cateiljne Muller, who authored an expert report for the CAHAI earlier this year.

An AI Treaty?

The CAHAI will now start working on a legally binding instrument for AI. An AI Treaty if you will. As an Observer, ALLAI will take part in the Legal Frameworks Group, responsible for this process.

“The CAHAI is working on probably the most important document of our time. A legal instrument to protect the very foundations of our society in a world with AI: our human rights, our democracy and our rule of law. This instrument will determine what a world with AI will look like.” says Catelijne Muller. “Being accepted as an Observer to the CAHAI is a true honour and milestone for ALLAI, as it proves the importance of our mission of Responsible AI.”

* * *

* The CAHAI brings together representatives of: 47 Member States of the Council of Europe; Observer States Canada, Holy See, Israel, Japan, Mexico, United States of America; International organizations (EU, UN, OECD); Civil society and research institutions; Private digital sector