ALLAI President Catelijne Muller Adressess the OECD

At the annual meeting of the OECD Global Strategies Group, Catelijne Muller addressed the Secretary General and about a 100 delegates from 37 OECD Member States and partner countries on how AI is transforming our world and how governments can stay ahead of the curve and AI a force for good.

Calling for a human-in-command approach to AI, Catelijne spoke about biased decisions made by algorithms, the need for high quality data sets, the effect on work and how to approach AI as a regulator.

Her take away message to the delegates was to involve entire society in the debate on AI. Because AI is about all of us. About the big tech company, trying to keep up with the AI-race, while trying to respect our values. About the startup, trying to build an AI-tool to address a major societal challenge, but lacking access to high quality data to train it. About the ethicist, figuring out how to make AI ‘ethical’, wondering whether we should even want that. About the philosopher, trying to make sense of what it means to have a mental rival that is not human. It is about the cancer survivor, getting a second lease on life thanks to early detection of her tumor by AI. And it is about the radiologist, wondering how long it will take before she loses her job to that same AI. It is about our children, who will never learn how to drive. And it is about our elderly, and frankly about many of us, who simply can’t keep up with the pace of developments of AI.