ALLAI Responsible AI (R.AI) Conference

ALLAI is proud to announce the ALLAI Responsible AI (R.AI) Conference on October 7, 2019 in Amsterdam; the opening event of World AI Week.

The R.AI conference will center around ALLAI’s mission to involve entire society in achieving Responsible AI and is the first in a series of R.AI Conferences to be held throughout Europe.

In plenary sessions and working groups, with a great number of high level expert speakers and panelists from different parts of society, we will discuss topics such as the ethical and legal implications of AI, AI and work, the societal impact of AI, AI in Europe (a.o. the work of the High Level Expert Group on AI) and many more…

The R.AI Conference aims to bring together businesses representatives, academia, workers, citizens, policy makers and NGO’s to discuss the next steps to advance Responsible AI.


Catelijne Muller
President ALLAI, Member of the EU High Level Expert Group on AI (HLEG AI), EESC Rapporteur on AI

Virginia Dignum
Co-founder ALLAI, Chair of the Ethical and Social AI Department Umea Sweden, Member of the HLEG AI

Barry O’Sullivan
Professor of Constraint Programming, University of Cork, President EurAI, Co-chair of the HLEG AI, Advisor ALLAI

Claes de Vreese
Faculty Professor on Artificial Intelligence, Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences, University of Amsterdam

Aimee van Wynsberghe
Co-founder ALLAI, Assistant Professor in Ethics and Robotics & AI, Member of the HLEG AI

Robert Went
Economist at the Dutch Scientific Council for Government Policy, Co-author of “Mastering the Robot”, Advisor ALLAI

Dagmar Monett-Diaz
Professor of Computer Science, Berlin School of Economics and Law, Co-Director of the Competence Center Digitalization

Kathalijne Buitenweg
Member of the Dutch Parliament, President of the Temporary Parliamentary Committee on the Digital Future

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