ALLAI | Weizenbaum AIA in-depth roundtable series of to a successful start

On June 28th, ALLAI and the Weizenbaum Institute for the Networked Society successfully kicked-off their in-depth roundtable series on the proposed EU Regulation for Artificial Intelligence (AIA) for German policy makers.

The discussions at EU level on the AIA are well under way we are happey to be able to bring German policy makers up to speed and drive the debate on the AIA at national level. At the first roundtable, titled “AIA in-depth | Objective, Scope, Definition”, we were honoured to have European Commission’s Kilian Gross lay out the overall objective and structure of the AIA. Prof. Bettina Berendt then delved into the definition of AI. Finally, ALLAI’s Catelijne Muller walked the participants through the scope and notable (proposed) exclusions from the AIA.

Participants from the German Bundestag, German Government, German civil society and European organizations took part in discussions on various topics e.g. how to adequately protect fundamental rights in a world with AI, general purpose AI, the AI regulatory landscape, how to define AI for regulatory purposes and much more.

Next roundtables (this fall) will deal with:

  • Risk based approach and prohibited AI practices
  • High-risk AI classification and requirements
  • Roles, rights and responsibilities  

Want to know more about the AIA, read our AIA in-depth papers

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