Catelijne Muller speaks at WorldSummitAI

On 9 October 2019 Catelijne Muller spoke at WorldSummit AI during a panel on “Developing Human-Centric AI through Multi-Stakeholder Cooperation

Multidisciplinarity has been one of ALLAI’s key messages for Responsible AI. All stakeholders, from academia to industry, from policymaker to civil society, need to be involved in the discussion around AI, because AI has an impact on our entire fabric of society. If affects our choices, our work, the choices made about us, our privacy, our liberty, or prosperity, our safety and so on.

But multidisciplinarity also means developing AI in multidisciplinary teams. Teams that are diverse in gender, etnicity, religious belief, opinions and background. But also teams that consist of ethicists, lawyers, behavioural experts, AI experts and of course data scientists. Only then will AI be developed taking into consideration our values, laws and societal effects.