Use Case: Principles to Practice

AI Ethics Charter for Dutch Insurers

ALLAI translated the EU Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI into an AI Ethics Charter for the Dutch insurance sector, making this sector the first in Europe to implement the EU Ethics Guidelines.

The Process

ALLAI has been engaged by the Dutch Association of Insurers* to draft this framework based on the Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI of the High Level Expert Group on AI.

ALLAI designed a methodology to develop such a framework taking into consideration existing insurance codes, laws and regulations.

During a first Round table with Dutch insurers, policy makers and civil organizations that was organized by the Dutch Association of Insurers, Catelijne Muller explained the methodology and participated in discussions on a number of possible ethical norms.

Taking into consideration the feedback from the insurers, ALLAI then drafted the Charter, that was formally adopted by General Assembly of the members of the Dutch Insurers Association.

The Charter is now binding on all Dutch insurers affiliated to the Dutch Association of Insurers. The Charter will be going through an iteration process of 2 years and be independently audited in 2023.

*The Dutch Association of Insurers represents the interests of private insurance companies operating in the Netherlands. More than 95 percent of all insurers in the Netherlands are represented through the Association as well as reinsurers, insurtechs, premium pension institutions and companies involved with bank savings.