Virginia Dignum and Catelijne Muller interviewed by Público on ChatGPT

There are millions of opinions on language models, but Virginia Dignum’s and Catelijne Muller’s opinion stands out at Portugal’s main newspaper Publico.

The conversational agent ChatGTP introduced by OpenAI has marked a major milestone in Artificial Intelligence. Yet, the discussion around it has held many controversies, such as whether the chatbot will boost innovation and smoothly service several real-word application, or whether one should be concerned by issues regarding the abuse or misuse of the application. In this article, Virginia and Catelijne dive into the topic from a technical, ethical and legal perspective.

“ChatGPT […] is nothing more than a conversation window, where we exchange messages with an artificial intelligence model. And, not being the first, nor certainly the last, the effects are already being felt in countless areas, from education to science, from the arts to information technology.” 

You can access the full article here