Virginia Dignum co-authors UNICEF’s Policy Guidance on AI for Children

We are proud to announce that today, ALLAI’s Virginia Dignum and Klara Pigmans will present the UNICEF AI for Children Policy Guidance that they developed together with Melanie Penagos and Steven Vosloo over de past year.

As the UNICEF website describes: “As part of our Artificial Intelligence for Children Policy project, UNICEF has developed this guidance to promote children’s rights in government and private sector AI policies and practices, and to raise awareness of how AI systems can uphold or undermine these rights.

The policy guidance explores AI and AI systems, and considers the ways in which they impact children. It draws upon the Convention on the Rights of the Child to present three foundations for AI that upholds the rights of children:

  • AI policies and systems should aim to protect children
  • They should provide equitably for children’s needs and rights
  • They should empower children to contribute to the development and use of AI

Building on these foundations, the guidance offers nine requirements for child-centered AI and provides tools to operationalize the guidance.”

The guidance is open for public consultation until October 16, 2020.