WorldSummitAI: ALLAI co-hosts Headliner Policy Panel on the AI Act

WorldSummitAI returns to Amsterdam and ALLAI is honoured to be co-hosting the Headliner Opening Panel on Day 2: The European AI Act – Does it live up to its promise? With high level experts from the European Commission, European Parliament, European Data Protection Supervisor, European Economic and Social Committee and the High Level Expert Group on AI.

The European AI Act

In April of this year, we finally got to see the highly anticipated legislative proposal for AI of the European Commission. The proposal is ambitious. The Commission projects a clear message: fundamental rights are at the core of Europe’s approach to AI. Europe is basically saying: When it comes to AI, ‘anything goes’ is no longer the norm. We will not allow everything, just because it can be done. And we don’t just regulate bits and pieces of the technology, we set EU wide rules that will resonate across the globe.

A milestone

This is a milestone. Europe is the first in the world to set an all encompassing legal framework for what it calls “trustworthy AI development”. But does the proposal live up to its promise? The promise of human-centricity, of trustworthiness, of ethical alignment, value alignment? Or, perhaps more visionary, does it indeed do what we want it to do? Does it lead to a society with AI that we want and avoid a society with AI that we don’t want?


ALLAI is honored to host this panel of high-level experts and policy makers from the European Commission, the European Parliament, the European Data Protection Supervisor, the European Economic and Social Committee and the High Level Expert Group on AI:

  • Paul Nemitz, Principal Advisor European Commission
  • Iban Garcia del Blanco, Member of the Euopean Parliament
  • Mario Guglielmetti, Legal Expert at the European Data Protection Supervisor
  • Virginia Dignum, Professor Social/Ethical AI,(frmr.) member HLEG AI
  • Catelijne Muller, President ALLAI, AI-Rapporteur EESC, (frmr.) member HLEG AI

They will discuss the AI Act and the most eye-catching elements of it:

  • The AI definition: what are we regulating?
  • The ban on biometric recognition: is it enough?
  • The ban on social scoring: what is it exactly?
  • High-risk AI: is it the right approach?
  • The regulatory process: where do we go from here?

As long time dedicated partner of WorldSummitAI, ALLAI is happy to offer you a 10% discount on the ticket price.