Join us for an open webinar on AI & Corona, Opportunities and Challenges at the EESC

On Monday June 14, the topic of AI & Corona was discussed during a webinar at the European Economic and Social Committee. The topic was addressed from a multitude of angles, a.o. the public sector, the medical sector, education and academia. Special attention we be given to the challenges of AI, and how to address those, especially in times of crisis.


AI in tackling Covid-19 crisis: opportunities and challenges
EESC Webinar
June 14, 9.30 – 11.00

Moderated by Catelijne Muller, President ALLAI and AI-Rapporteur at the EESC

Opening: “I know what you did during lockdown”
Short film by James Graham, Financial Times

AI in the public domain in relation to the Covid-19 crisis
Maarten Sukel, Municipality of Amsterdam

AI driven monitoring of adverse drug reactions (ADR) to vaccination 
Clément Goehrs, co-founder and CEO, Synapse Medicine

AI prediction models for Covid-19: a critical appraisal
Laure Wynants, Maastricht University

AI in education in relation to the Covid-19 crisis
Dagmar Monett-Diaz, Berlin School of Economics and Law

Responsible AI: Worker monitoring in times of Corona
Noah Schöppl, ALLAI