ALLAI kicks off Responsible AI Awareness Program at the Dutch Tax Authorities

Virginia Dignum and Catelijne Muller kicked-off the ALLAI Responsible AI Awareness Program at the Dutch Tax Authorities with a first Open Responsible AI Session during the Authorities’ AI-Week.

In the coming months ALLAI will hold a total of 6 Expert Sessions and Masterclasses for various departments of the Dutch Tax Authorities, ranging from Customs to Management.

The first session was held during the internal AI-week, organized by the Tax Authorities. During a 3-hour session, Virginia and Catelijne gave the participants a bird’s eye view of Responsible AI based on the following topics: Technical possibilities and limitations of AI; The ethical dilemmas associated with the use of AI; The social implications of AI; The legal landscape in which AI operates; The international AI policy landscape.

The participants then worked in small teams on applying the 7 Requirements for Trustworthy AI from the EU Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI to an existing case study. This element was aimed at starting the discussion and raising awareness on the challenges of AI, but also to demonstrate the need for multi-disciplinarity in the development and use of AI.

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