PRESS RELEASE: AI Act approved

May 21, 2024/by Catelijne Muller

Council of Europe adopts global AI Treaty

May 19, 2024/by Catelijne Muller

EU funds ALLAI c.s. to develop new course: Digital Ethics Officer for Public Administration

January 26, 2024/by Catelijne Muller

EU lawmakers reach a deal on the AI Act

December 9, 2023/by Catelijne Muller

Nationaal AI Debat: Catelijne Muller debates AI opportunities, challenges, regulation and innovation

November 8, 2023/by Catelijne Muller

PRESS RELEASE: ALLAI co-founder Virginia Dignum appointed to UN Advisory Body on AI

October 26, 2023/by Catelijne Muller

AIA topics | Fundamental Rights Impact Assessment

October 16, 2023/by Catelijne Muller

Apply for an internship at ALLAI

October 1, 2023/by Catelijne Muller

AIA Trilogue Topics: Open Source

September 24, 2023/by Catelijne Muller

AIA Trilogue Topics: Extra Layer High Risk AI

July 17, 2023/by Catelijne Muller

Catelijne Muller joins OECD.AI Expert Group on AI Incidents

June 15, 2023/by Catelijne Muller

EU funding of € 6.4 million for VASCUL-AID project with Trustworthy AI role for ALLAI

June 6, 2023/by Monica Fernandez

ALLAI calls for new fundamental principles to be included in the AI-Treaty

June 3, 2023/by Monica Fernandez

Catelijne Muller addresses German Bundestag

May 25, 2023/by Catelijne Muller

BNR-podcast De Technoloog over AI-regelgeving: met Catelijne Muller

May 16, 2023/by Catelijne Muller

Interview Catelijne Muller NOS 8 uur journaal

May 12, 2023/by Catelijne Muller

AIA topics | General Purpose AI & Foundation Models

May 4, 2023/by Monica Fernandez

AI Act & AI Verdrag – Catelijne Muller en Kim van Sparrentak bij BNR Digitaal

May 3, 2023/by Catelijne Muller

AIA topics | Biometric Recognition

March 31, 2023/by Catelijne Muller

AIA Policy Analysis Council GA

March 7, 2023/by Monica Fernandez

Apply for an internship at ALLAI

March 2, 2023/by Catelijne Muller

ALLAI hosts international consortium to work on AI-Fairness

February 27, 2023/by Monica Fernandez

Jan Kleijssen joins ALLAI Advisory Board

February 16, 2023/by Catelijne Muller

Virginia Dignum and Catelijne Muller interviewed by Público on ChatGPT

February 13, 2023/by Monica Fernandez

Catelijne Muller speaks at German Bundestag

September 27, 2022/by Mónica Fernández-Peñalver

EU funding of 3.5 million for AEQUITAS project with central role for ALLAI

September 16, 2022/by Mónica Fernández-Peñalver

AIA in-depth | Full series

September 14, 2022/by Catelijne Muller

ALLAI | Weizenbaum AIA in-depth roundtable series off to a successful start

June 30, 2022/by Catelijne Muller

Tweede Kamer Commissie Digitalisering vraagt ALLAI om input over AI

June 12, 2022/by Catelijne Muller

AIA in-depth #3b | High-Risk AI Requirements

May 19, 2022/by Catelijne Muller