EU funds ALLAI c.s. to develop of new course: Digital Ethics Officer for Public Administration

ALLAI is pleased to announce its participation and leadership in the EU-funded DEO4PA project which aims to address the volatile field of technology ethics and regulation in the public sector.


Under the leadership of the Italian Ministry of Economics and Finance, and together with well respected partners from France (EDHEC), Greece (Dimitra) and Italy (Uninettuno), ALLAI will co-design a curriculum for the new role of Digital Ethics Officer at Public Administrations.

Public administration bodies in the European Union (EU) are increasingly relying on digital technologies, in particular artificial intelligence, to fulfil their duties. These digitalization processes pose significant and diverse ethical, legal and societal risks for individuals’ lives and life-opportunities. To counter these risks, public sector digitalization should be guided by to ethical standards and legal rules that shield citizen’s (fundamental) rights.

Digital ethics, law and society

Recently, the EU witnessed the endorsement and drafting of a growing number of frameworks that underpin the responsible development and use of high-risk Artificial Intelligence (AI), (e.g., the European AI Strategy, the Assessment List for Trustworthy AI, the Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI, and the (upcoming) AI Act). However, reports from Member States show that civil servants and professionals working in the public sector need up-skilling and re-skilling to be able to implement and oversee compliance with these frameworks.

Digital Ethics Officer at Public Administration

The project, running from November 2023 – October 2025 is set to contribute to the building of civil servants’ digital skills through the development of a standardized certified training program to propel the new role of in-house Digital Ethics Officers within European Public Administrations. The goal is to design a course that enables a Digital Ethics Officer to identify, assess and inform on the ethical, legal and societal implications related to the uptake, development, and use of digital technologies such as AI in Public Administration.


The course will be piloted with a selected group of interested Public Administrators as from approximately September 2024. If you are interested in joining the pilot, please fill out this form. Seats are limited and applications will be reviewed on a first come first serve basis.

ALLAI Academy

After the piloting phase, the course will be offered to European Public Administrators through the ALLAI Academy.