ALLAI is an independent organization dedicated to drive and foster Responsible AI

ALLAI is an initiative of Catelijne Muller, Virginia Dignum and Aimee van Wynsberghe, the three Dutch members of the EU High Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence.


We are at a crucial point in time in determining the right conditions and boundaries for AI, so that we can reap the benefits while at the same time avoid its risks and address its challenges.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to have significant advantages for society: consider applications in sustainable agriculture, safer transport, a safer financial system, more environmentally friendly production processes, better medicine, safer work and a safer society.

As with every disruptive technology, AI also entails risks and complex policy challenges in areas such as safety, reliability and robustness, ethics, laws and fundamental rights, socio-economic aspects, to name a few.

The level of knowledge and awareness about the true opportunities, capabilities, limitations, challenges and risks of AI varies tremendously, giving room for polarized debates and positions. ALLAI has been the bedrock of a balanced and informed debate about AI.

For AI to land in society in a responsible and sustainable manner, entire society must be duly informed about AI and properly involved in the debate around AI. An inclusive approach is key to understand the challenges of AI and to build trust in those AI applications that are responsible.

AI needs a continuous, systematic socio-technical approach, looking at the technology from all perspectives and through various lenses. This requires a multidisciplinary approach where policy makers, academics from a variety of fields, social partners, businesses and NGO’s work together on an ongoing basis.


ALLAI’s vision is a world where AI is developed, deployed and used responsibly, i.e. in a safe and sustainable manner and in line with our ethical principles, our societal values, existing and new laws and regulations, human rights, democracy and the rule of law. We call this Responsble AI.


ALLAI’s mission is to take into account a wide variety of AI impact domains such as safety, autonomy, lawfulness, inclusiveness and transparency. These impact domains spread across society, from the public to the private sector, from labor relations to education and from the individual to the collective.


ALLAI fosters multi-disciplinarity and involves broad expertise in its activities (e.g. AI and data-scientists, legal scholars, ethicists and behavioral scientists). ALLAI’s work is aimed at various stakeholders such as policy-makers, social partners, consumers, private and public sector and society at large.



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Catelijne Muller, Co-founder and President

Expertise: AI & Society, Law and Policy

President of ALLAI; Masters of Law; EU policy expert; former member EU High Level Expert Group on AI; AI-Rapporteur European Economic and Social Committee; Expert-advisor on AI to the Council of Europe, Expert Member of OECD Network of AI Experts (ONE.AI).

Virginia Dignum, Co-founder and Board Member

Expertise: Social and Ethical AI

Co-founder and Board Member ALLAI; Professor ethical and social AI at Umea University; Former member EU High Level Expert Group on AI. Member of the Global Partnership on AI. Book: “Responsible AI”.

Mustafa Kaynak

Network Manager

Noah Schöppl

AI Policy Consultant

Maria Rebrean

R.AI Associate



Aimee v. Wynsberghe

ALLAI co-founder, Humbolt Professor on Sustainable AI

Bob v/d Wal

Board Member VCP, Member Dutch Social and Economic Council

Jaya Baloo

Chief Information Security Officer at Avast

Jan Kleijssen

Former Human Rights Director Council of Europe

Robert Went

Economist at Dutch Scientific Council for Government Policies

Jim Dratwa

Head European Group on Ethics at the European Commission