EU funds VASCUL-AID, a € 6.4 million project with Trustworthy AI role for ALLAI

ALLAI is proud to announce that it will be part of the EU-funded VASCUL-AID project, aimed at predicting the risk of cardiovascular events and progression of the vascular diseases.

Although vascular diseases are a powerful and significant predictor of cardiovascular mortality, they are typically under-recognised and underrated. Through the collection of data (clinical data, medical and patient reported data, and lifestyle data), the project aims to develop a personalised cardiovascular and disease progression risk- predictive platform that integrates an automatic image analysis tool, risk-prediction tool, patient communication tool, and a lifestyle data collection tool. These tools will output personalised prevention strategies whilst identifying low risk and high risk vascular patients from data.

This will be done with a generous funding from the European Commission of over 6,4 million euro, and the collaboration of 17 parties from 10 EU counties. Together the project will build an EU-wide infrastructure to collect, integrate and manage pseudonymised patient-derived data regarding vascular diseases and develop AI-based progression prediction tools specifically for abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA) and peripheral arterial disease (PAD). This will all integrated into a singular VASCUL-AID platform.

ALLAI will, together with AMC, play a crucial role in the project in leading the work on legal and ethical awareness. ALLAI will provide the VASCUL-AID project with the ‘eyes and ears’ on society to remain alert to legal and policy contexts and developments regarding AI in healthcare, and to ensure that AI(-related) law and ethical principles from the Ethics Guidelines of Trustworthy AI are considered throughout the project. ALLAI will study, assess and apply integrally, lawfulness, ethical alignment, and socio-technical robustness of the AI-tools to establish procedures and ethical-legal guidelines that guide professionals in aligning the tools’ to legal and ethical standards, now and in the near future.