Why we need responsible AI in times of Corona and how to achieve it

Project Inception Paper


In efforts to tackle the Corona-crisis, many public institutions and private organisations are considering to fast-track the deployment of AI applications, both in medical as well as social contexts. There is an increasing concern about the implications of these applications on fundamental rights, ethical principles and societal values. This project aims to address these concerns in various ways.

First, it will establish an Observatory to highlight AI applications deployed in the Corona-crisis and their opportunities and challenges. Second, expert sessions will be organised to raise awareness of policymakers, healthcare professionals and the general public on how to deploy AI responsibly in times of crisis. Third, a framework will be developed that contains evaluation criteria to assess the efficacy and the legal, ethical and societal impact of AI-applications in times of Corona, and requirements for their responsible use. This framework will be piloted with a selected group of organisations that are developing or deploying AI to tackle the Corona crisis and culminate in to a quickscan that can be used for self-assessment.

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“Why we need responsible AI in times of Corona and how to achieve it”

By Catelijne Muller, Virginia Dignum and Noah Schöppl