About the conference

  • Responsible AI state of play

    Since the first edition of ALLAI’s Responsible AI Conference in 2019, the world has seen many great initiatives to ensure that AI is developed and used responsibly. During this second edition we will reflect on the state of play of responsible AI. 

  • AI regulation is coming

    Europe has proposed a horizontal AI Act that will impact all AI players, large and small. Moreover, we have seen the first outlines of an AI Treaty. High Level speakers will reflect on these initiatives.

  • Responsible AI innovation

    Responsible AI innovation is the next step towards a future where AI is used for the benefit of society. What should be considered and how we can drive AI innovation in the right direction? Our experts will reflect.

  • Official opening reception of World AI Week

    Sarah Coles Porter, the brain behind conferences such as WorldSummitAI and WorldAIWeek will join us to officially open WorldAIWeek at our conference. Join us for drinks, bites and good conversations.


As one of the first proud residents, ALLAI welcomes you at LAB42, Amsterdam’s brand new centre for Digital Innovation and AI at Amsterdam Science Park


Kim van Sparrentak

Member European Parliament, shadow rapporteur AI Act, Member of the EPA/Greens (Groenlinks)

Irina Orssich

Team leader AI, DG Connect, Europan Commission, co-author AI Act

Jan Kleijssen

Director of Information Society – Action against Crime, Council of Europe

Virginia Dignum

Co-founder & board ALLAI, Prof. of Ethical and Responsible AI Umeå University, Global Partnership on AI

Dr. Joachim Bühler

CEO TÜV Verband – Technical Inspection Association Germany

Catelijne Muller LL.M

Co-founder and President ALLAI; Former Member High Level Expert Group on AI; AI-Rapporteur EESC, Member OECD Network of AI Experts

Roberta Calegari

Assistant Professor at Alma AI, the Alma Mater Research Institute for Human-Centered AI at University of Bologna; Computer Scientist.

Claes de Vreese

Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Society (2021-), with a special focus on media and democracy at the University of Amsterdam.

Jelle Zuidema

Assoc. Prof. of Computational Linguistics & Explainable AI. Institute for Logic, Language and Computation, UvA

Lenneke Hoedemaker

Professional Moderator and Debate Leader, Lenneke Hoedemaker Debat & Presentatie



  • 15.00
    Welcome and Keynote
    Responsible AI State of Play
  • Catelijne Muller, President ALLAI, High Level Expert Group on AI
  • 15.15
    Key message
    The European AI Act
  • Kim van Sparrentak, Member European Parliament, Shadow Rapporteur AI Act
  • 15.20
    High Level Panel
    Regulating AI
  • Irina Orssich, European Commission, Team leader AI
    Jan Kleijssen, Council of Europe, Committee on AI
    Joachim Bühler, TÜV Verband
    Catelijne Muller, HLEG AI, ALLAI
  • 16.00
    Tackling Bias and Unfairness in AI
  • Prof. Roberta Calegari, Alma AI, University of Bologna
  • 16.15
    Visionary Interview
    What’s next in Responsible AI Innovation?
  • Prof. Virginia Dignum, ALLAI, University of Umeå
  • 16.25
    Expert Panel
    Responsible AI Innovation
  • Prof. Roberta Calegari, Alma AI, University of Bologna
    Prof. Claes de Vreese, UvA, Communication & Human(e) AI
    Prof. Jelle Zuidema, UvA, Institute for Logic and Language Computation
  • 17.00

Official Opening

World AI Week 2022

Sarah Coles-Porter

Join us for drinks and good conversations!



Amsterdam Science Park 900, Amsterdam

NS train station: Amsterdam Science Park

A10 exit: S113

Parking: P7 Amsterdam Science Park