About the conference

  • Responsible AI state of play

    Since the first edition of ALLAI’s Responsible AI Conference in 2019, the world has seen many great initiatives to ensure that AI is developed and used responsibly. We will reflect on the state of play of responsible AI. 

  • The AI Act - where are we now?

    The negotiations on the European AI Act have started. What are the positions of the negotiating parties? What can be expected as a final outcome? High Level speakers will reflect.

  • AI Treaty Fireside Chat

    The second major AI regulation is being negotiated at the Council of Europe: the AI Treaty. Jan Kleijssen and Catelijne Muller are part of the ALLAI delegation at the negotiating table and you can ask them anything.

  • GenAI, GPAI, Foundation Models

    This year was the year of ChatGPT, StableDiffusion, Bloom, Bard and many other generative, general purpose and foundational models. What are the ethical, legal and social implications of these developments? Experts reflect.

First Confirmed Speakers

Jan Kleijssen

Member of the ALLAI Advisory Board; Frmr. Director at the Council of Europe

Irina Orssich

Team leader AI, DG Connect, Europan Commission, co-author AI Act

Jelle Zuidema

Assoc. Prof. of Computational Linguistics & Explainable AI. Institute for Logic, Language and Computation, UvA

Catelijne Muller LL.M

Co-founder and President ALLAI; Frmr. Member High Level Expert Group on AI; Member OECD Expert Group on AI Incidents

Mark Leiser

Professor of Digital Legal and Platform Regulation, VU

Abhinay Pandya

NLP, data science and AI expertk, scientist at Philips

Official Opening

World AI Week 2023

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