ALLAI guides Dutch Association of Insurers in drafting Ethical Charter on Data and AI

The Dutch Insurers Association, with the help of ALLAI, becomes the first sector to implement its own Ethical Charter on Data Driven Decision Making that is entirely based on the Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI.

ALLAI has been engaded by the Dutch Association of Insurers to initiate this framework based on the Ethical Guidelines for Responsible AI of the High Level Expert Group on AI.

ALLAI designed a methodology to develop such a framework taking into consideration existing insurance codes, laws and regulations, and prepared the draft framework.

During a first Roundtable with Dutch insurers, policy makers and civil organizations that was organized by the Dutch Association of Insurers, Catelijne explained the methodology and participated in discussions on a number of possible ethical norms.

he Association presented the final Charter to the General Assembly where it was formally adopted. The Charter is therefore now binding on all Dutch insurers (excl. health insurers). The Charter will now be going through an iteration process of 2 years and be independently audited in 2023.


The Charter follows the 7 requirements for Trustworthy AI of the Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI:

  • Human Agency and Oversight
  • Technical Robustness and Safety
  • Privacy and Data Governance
  • Transparency
  • Diversity, Non-Discrimination and Fairness
  • Environmental and Social Well-being
  • Accountability

Some examples of principles in the Charter:

“New [data-driven] techniques will be tested in a trusted setting, to investigate whether margins of error or other risks increase relative to alternative methods or application”

“If breach of fundamental rights, including unjustified discriminatory bias in data-driven applications cannot be avoided or excluded, we will not deploy an application.”

EU Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI | Guidance and Implementation

The EU Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI are ‘generic’ and meant to apply to all sectors. Nevertheless, each sector or organization has its particular specifications, use cases and demands that could demand a tailor-made ‘translation’ of the Guidelines to reflect these specifics for that sector or organization.

Through a proven iteration and adoption process ALLAI helps organizations or sectors make this translation. Read more>>>