NEW: ALLAI Responsible AI (R.AI) Program

After successfully putting Responsible AI on the agenda, we feel that now it is time for action. To all organisations that are looking to effectively implement Responsible AI into their operations, ALLAI proudly announces the: ALLAI RESPONSIBLE AI PROGRAM. A unique program that helps shape your organisation’s Responsible AI strategy and go from principles to action.

R.AI Leadership Program

Module lead: Catelijne Muller
Masters of Law

Awareness building for C-suite executives and middle management on technical, legal, ethical and societal challenges and opportunities of AI.

R.AI Impact Assessments Module

Module lead: Aimee v. Wynsberghe
Ass. Prof. Ethics and AI

Organisation-wide screening and assessment of the the ethical, legal and workforce implications of AI in your business or organisation.

R.AI Implementation Module

Module lead: Virginia Dignum
Prof. Social & Ethical AI

Development of a Responsible AI Strategy Process, including advisory and tooling for internal procedures, roles and responsibilities.