ALLAI officially launched at WorldSummit AI

Author: Catelijne Muller

On Thursday October 10th, ALLAI Netherlands was officially launched at the mainstage of WorldSummit AI in Amsterdam. ALLAI Netherlands is the first national alliance in Europe to involve all stakeholders in the process of achieving Responsible AI.


AI has the potential to have significant advantages for society: consider applications in sustainable agriculture, safer transport, a safer financial system, more environmentally friendly production processes, better medicine, safer work, more personalised education, better jurisprudence and a safer society. It may even potentially help eradicate disease and poverty.

As with every disruptive technology, AI also entails risks and complex policy challenges in areas such as safety and monitoring, socio-economic aspects, ethics and privacy, reliability, to name a few.

Entire society should be involved

It is important to manage the developments of AI, not only from a technical perspective but also specifically from an economical, societal and ethical perspective.

For that a holistic approach of AI is needed, involving all relevant stakeholders: policy-makers, industry, the social partners, consumers, NGOs, educational and care institutions, and experts and academics from various disciplines. (ALLAI) Nederland aims to facilitate this approach.

International dimension

AI is a cross border technology. ALLAI will thus not be a Dutch initiative only. ALLAI is already speaking with European parties and the European Commission to set up ALLAI chapters in all European countries.


The founders ALLAI Netherlands are all Dutch members of the High Level Expert Group on AI van de Europese Commissie, Catelijne Muller, Aimee van Wynsberghe en Virginia Dignum.