VPRO Tegenlicht features ALLAI’s President Catelijne Muller

On Sunday the 21st of October, ALLAI’s President Catelijne Muller will appaered in the eposide “Human in the Machine” of the Dutch Documentary series Tegenlicht (Backlight).

The episode investigates what the world should be like with artificial intelligence. In a society where intelligence leads to success, more intelligence leads to more success. And artificial intelligence is a powerful tool. While the industry can finally make money from their collections of big data, scientists, civil society organizations and the European Union are trying to come up with ethical guidelines in a hurry. The goal is to keep control over the far-reaching changes that await our society. Is artificial intelligence the ultimate test for humanity?

With: Stuart Russell (professor of computer science UC Berkeley and founder Center for Human-Compatible AI), Catelijne Muller (EESC rapporteur on AI, member High Level Expert Group on AI of the European Commission and founder ALLAI Netherlands), Pieter Abbeel (roboticist, professor of computer science UC Berkeley and researcher Center for Human-Compatible AI) and Allan Dafoe (political scientist, chairman of the AI Governance program of the Future of Humanity Institute in collaboration with the University of Oxford).

Director: Daan Veldhuizen

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