Responsible AI for Policy Makers (3 hours)

A high-level masterclass for national, EU and international policymakers on the capabilities and limitations of present day AI, its ethical, legal and societal implications and the international AI policy landscape.

  • The capabilities and limitations of present-day AI
  • Why Responsible AI?
  • The legal landscape in which AI operates (human rights, liability, GDPR, consumer rights, etc.)
  • The ethical implications of AI (EU Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI)
  • The international AI (policy) landscape (Council of Europe, European Commission, US, China, UN)

This Masterclass will be delivered by two high level expert from ALLAI’s Board, Advisory Board, or Expert Network

3 hours


€ 795 excl. VAT p.p. (Masterclass takes place with a minimum of 20 participants)