ALLAI joins EU-funded Project “Trust AI” for Higher Education

September 13, 2020/by Catelijne Muller

Catelijne Muller spreekt tijdens AI-drieluik: Dokter in de Digitale Wereld

September 10, 2020/by Catelijne Muller

New: EU Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI | Guidance and Implementation Program

July 16, 2020/by Catelijne Muller

Catelijne Muller presents EESC opinion on the EU Whitepaper on AI

July 15, 2020/by ALLAI

ALLAI translates EU Ethics Guidelines into Ethical Charter for Dutch Insurance Sector

July 15, 2020/by Catelijne Muller

ALLAI advises Council of Europe on AI & Human Rights, Democracy and Rule of Law (paper)

July 6, 2020/by ALLAI

EC VP Margarethe Vestager and Catelijne Muller speak on Trustworthy AI for Europe

June 30, 2020/by ALLAI

Catelijne Muller speaks at hearing Belgian Parliament (in Dutch)

June 30, 2020/by ALLAI

Final analysis of the EU Whitepaper on AI

June 16, 2020/by ALLAI

Wetenschappers en experts aan Kabinet: “Geen Corona-apps zonder waarborgen voor grondrechten en aandacht voor maatschappelijke implicaties”

April 13, 2020/by ALLAI

First analysis of the EU Whitepaper on AI

February 22, 2020/by ALLAI

ALLAI’s First Year in Review

January 1, 2020/by ALLAI

ALLAI kicks-off Responsible AI Awareness Program at Dutch Tax Authorities

December 20, 2019/by Catelijne Muller

Catelijne Muller delivers opening keynote at the first meeting of CAHAI at the Council of Europe

December 1, 2019/by ALLAI

ALLAI joins roundtable on AI & Online Child Abuse with the King and Queen of Sweden

November 21, 2019/by ALLAI

ALLAI R.AI Conference Pics and Video’s

October 13, 2019/by ALLAI

Catelijne Muller speaks at WorldSummitAI

October 9, 2019/by ALLAI

NRC interview met Catelijne Muller

October 9, 2019/by ALLAI

ALLAI Position Paper: Artificiele Intelligentie | Human-in-Command

October 9, 2019/by ALLAI

Catelijne Muller gives evidence at the Dutch Parliamentary Committee on the Digital Future

October 1, 2019/by ALLAI